Wednesday, January 30, 2008

John Edwards, headaches, and windy days

John Edwards ended his bid for the Presidency today. I've never really been political although I vote every year for every office (because it gives me the right to complain, and I like to complain) but after seeing the story of James Lowe, a Virginia coal miner who spent 50 years of his life unable to speak because he couldn't afford treatment for a medical problem I got hooked on Edwards' message of ending poverty, as much of an impossible dream as it may be I like chasing impossible dreams. They give me hope, and hope gives me a reason to live. I hope that the remaining candidates will carry that torch. Thanks, John & Elizabeth.

Yesterday I had the worst headache. More than likely because of been sick with a cold since Saturday. I went to bed at 8:30 and it felt like I was sleeping on a rock even though I have a feather pillow. I never want that to happen again.

It was apparently windy enough to nearly blow Jane over (read: windy enough to blow me over) in Texas yesterday. It seems that's on the way to North Carolina, yikes. :(

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