Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New beginnings?

My stunningly beautiful e-wife Jane is leaving her job today. I guess that's akin to graduating high school in a way. While (most people) are glad to get out of what they consider to be a stressful environment at the same time you're losing daily contact with people you've grown to like and respect, which is hard. I went to school with the same core group of people for 13 years, I hated school, but leaving them behind was hard. The good thing is that we live in an age where you can contact a person simply by picking up a phone or pressing 'send'.

At any rate, I wish her good luck. I've only known her for 3 months, but we speak to one another a lot, well, that's an understatement, we speak more than most married couples. And from what I've learned I can genuinely say she's a kind, goodhearted, talented, and not to mention drop dead gorgeous individual who deserves only good things.

My new beginning starts when I find out what I was put on this earth to do. I'm a very affectionate person, and I love animals so maybe I'll try to become a zoologist. It's something I flirted with in my teen years but never chased. I'm also trying to gain weight, I'm very skinny. My goal weight is 170, I realize that's still shockingly low (my current weight is a frail 158.5 lbs) for a man of my height but I have a very high metabolism and can't see myself maintaining a much higher weight. Oh well, it's like I told Jane. We can only be who we are.

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