Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tom Cruise is scary

Gawker (search: Tom Cruise) has a video, which everyone has probably seen and I'm way late, of Tom Cruise talking about Scientology, it's pretty crazy. At one point he just starts laughing uncontrollably and then stops. It's pretty weird.

Oh, and McCrory won't win Governor. Not because he's from Charlotte but because the Republicans in Charlotte are pissed at him over light rail and will vote for the other Republicans, and as a Mecklenburger he NEEDS Charlotte to have a chance. Why did I post that?

We're gonna get an ice storm and I'm really, really skinny so that's not much fun for me!

Yea, that's all I have to post about. As you can see from my twitter I spend most of my time worshiping at the alter of Jane, and aside from that, to quote her royal highness, "I don't do much".

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