Friday, February 1, 2008

Apperently we're miserable people

Well, according to Forbes anyway. Pat McCrory thinks Forbes needs drug testing, it's the second time I've ever agreed with McCrory. Forbes cites Charlotte as the most violent city on their list, what they don't tell you is that they used old statistics when a newer batch were readily available. But of course finding the newer statistics would have required actual research, something which Forbes isn't very good at. Forbes also skews numbers by using percentages to compare numbers from a much smaller Charlotte of 1990 (pop. 395,934) to a much larger Charlotte of 2008 (pop. ~700,000). Despite them printing this tripe Charlotte continues to post gains in employment year after year despite rising gas prices and a struggling national economy poisoned by their precious right-wing economic policies. It's not like those high taxes are being spent on new police to keep down that seemingly phantom crime rate. Oh wait, they are.

Among other factors to determine misery levels for a town they couldn't point out on a giant print map was weather. Charlotte is no stranger to 60 degree days in winter. That's probably why the Forbes article neglected to mention weather in Charlotte's paragraph.

The fact that Charlotte was one of three (along with Seattle and Portland) American cities to experience growth during the housing crash didn't factor into the "research" either.

I agree with Castro, they need a bucket on their heads.

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