Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Feeling a little better

I'm still cold, but I'm always cold, comes with the territory of being thin I guess. I don't feel like I need to throw up anymore, the abdomen pains have died down and I'm not "spaghetti legged" anymore (well, not in the figurative sense anyway).

I went with my dad to Shuffletown, Charlotte (yea, I'm a massive map geek) yesterday and took some pictures (ok, he took them) of the dragstrip which is on the docket for redevelopment into either football & soccer fields or starter homes. It was closed awhile ago because neighbors complained about the noise, even though it existed before their houses did. It's a bit like moving across from a bar and being surprised when drunks stumble around outside. Anyway, I may upload the pictures to flickr later if I have a notion to.

Piratedninja (also in Charlotte) said we're getting a lunar eclipse tonight, I'll take a picture if I'm in/not completely lazy.

I now have a JTV channel ("Bobby, Interrupted", aren't I clever?!) which I won't use while I live her as privacy is at a premium.

I watched Jane's lifecast today, big shock I'm sure. She just never ceases to amaze me. She's so smart, so beautiful, so kind...heh, I'm doing it again. Janey, you're perfect, deal with it :P In honor of you I shall tag the hell out of this post.

Anyway, I'm going to see Vantage Point tonight since my dad got preview tickets. I'm not really a huge movie fan, but it's free, and they'll call me a recluse if I stay in. So, I'm going

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