Saturday, February 2, 2008

I forgot about the Super Bowl

This is actually the first year I've done so, maybe because I don't have cable anymore (colossal waste of money these days) and don't have ESPN bombarding me with "OH EM GEE IT'S ALMOST HERE [frenzy]!!!". Basically I guess it's much more a social event than a sporting event (though don't get me wrong, I appreciate the athletic endeavor of the game itself). I'm teetotal (My reasons for being teetotal are personal.) and more or less an extreme introvert so I have no interest in alcohol or partying. I have nothing against people drinking (Until someone makes a fool of themselves, like a cousin of mine does and we always have to get him out of trouble. To me a drunk person isn't funny, it's sad.) or people going to parties, I just don't like them forced upon me. Also being a Southerner I have no real interest in either team. I'll watch the game but I probably won't do anything else.

Yes, it does get quite lonely in my ivory tower. It actually seems like more of a burning tree house sometimes.

On a less self-absorbed note I hope Jane gets better. I'm sad when she's not well.

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