Friday, February 15, 2008

I'm tired

Probably because I used my energy recovering from being sick yesterday. I don't know what it was but that sucked hard. I'm glad it's over.

My grandmother decided to talk down to me today, I didn't really need that with all I've been going through lately (ok, the last 2 years). It took a lot to keep from yelling, I know I sound like a jerk for saying that, but she really didn't need to do it and it really upset me.

Jane wrote about me in her blog, :) I know I treat every little thing she does like it's the moon landing all over again, but it's only because she deserves it. Janey, you're the most wonderful woman I know, seeing your smile fills me with a happiness I had forgotten I could're talented, almost too beautiful to be human, and most importantly you have a heart of gold. I know all your dreams will one day come true because no one deserves them to more than you. Thank you, you're the best.

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