Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bobby + Caffeine = Very Strange

Today I had a cinnamon dolce iced coffee from Starbucks at the suggestion of "Jam Jam". I'm pretty much naturally wired as is, but caffeine (obviously) takes me to another level. I think everyone at Food Lion thought I was on crack because my eyes were opened so wide and I was really, really jumpy. It was so worth it though, it tasted like I was drinking a cinnamon bun. It even tasted good with soy milk (I'm lactose intolerant). I am so getting another one. I have to call the comment line tomorrow and tell them Janeybean suggested it, hopefully she gets some credit for being such a good ambassador for her employer.

I didn't go to Church today, despite it being Easter Sunday. I don't really think I'm welcome at my Grandparents' Church anyway as I get a lot of strange looks there. From my understanding one of the cornerstones of Christianity has always been acceptance, but it seems that's really drifted away from modern Churches. Technically I'm Southern Baptist, but I guess I have to go with what Jane told me today, just because the rest of my blood is one doesn't mean I am. It doesn't really go along with my Egalitarian beliefs anyway. I am Christian, I just don't like how a lot of Churches are becoming 527 groups.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wisdom teeth, Gretna, and the most obvious thing ever

So, my top right wisdom tooth is finally deciding to break in. Perfect timing considering I'm also suffering from a cold, so karma has once again decided to make me it's personal bitch and double my torture. Thanks, Karma, I totally <3 you.

I wrote in my wordpress blog about shitstorm that is Gretna FC. No one will care, no one even reads this blog. But oh well.

I should be getting my Certified Janeiac shirt in a few days. As if anyone needed confirmation I was a Janeiac, hell, if there's a level above Janeiac, I'm above that level.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

This is your fault Jonas Brothers

I hate you Jonas Brothers fans, I HATE you! This act cannot go unpunished.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Oh Fox News

It's a magic weed, give me a little bit to taste, to dream of my FNC and shout until God: My Fox News, I love you, like heroin, like a hard drug, like hashish, lsd, for you my FNC the whole world is stoned, the whole world. My Fox News, My Fox News, I love you, I love you, wherever you may play I will always follow you, I follow you, FNC here, FNC here, FNC there, FNC there, wherever you may play we will always be together, always together.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Not fun...

Saw someone I was hoping I'd never see again today. My ex, the one who psychologically tortured me and when it was over I was left depressed and hopeless.

I won't really get in to all she did other than if psychological assault were a crime she'd be jailed for life. From yelling at me, randomly hitting me and constantly reminding me that I was a failure that would never do any better than her so I was better off just sucking it up and accepting it. Thankfully a friend of mine noticed what she was doing and pulled me out of it. I used to cry myself to sleep until I met and started dreaming of someone. Heh, pretty obvious who that is. *Bobby blushes* Even if I never have a chance with her, the simple idea of her has been enough to pull me out of the hell I was in. At least I feel human again.

I was playing with a soccer ball in my backyard today and my hip flared up again, that's just lovely. I hope it's just a knock and nothing is seriously wrong with it because I'm uninsurable and that would suck pretty hard.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I have a really huge bladder

The average human bladder holds roughly 600cc of urine, or around 20 fluid oz. My bladder holds 1 quart, 5 oz of urine.


Monday, March 10, 2008


I played a DOS game called Crystal Caves, after Jane suggested it (I do anything Jane says, heh), and I am NOT good at it. I've never really been good at playing games involving the keyboard (I completely suck at first-person shooters) and I can't figure out how to make my controller work for DOS, or if it's even compatible with DOS in the first place. Anyway, I couldn't even beat the first level, I got killed by something which resembled a millipede.

I'll probably enjoy it once I learn to play it, it brought a massive smile to her face, which in turn brought one to mine. :) I love it when she's happy.

I'm still looking for direction though. My friend suggested I become a, heh, wedding consultant. Strangely, it seems like something I'd be good at. It would be like pouring a bucket of gasoline on the whole "Bobby is a big gayer" fire though. I guess I invite it upon myself by being different though, but I like being different, only dead fish go with the flow.

I saw 10,000 BC last week. It was good, one of the better movies I've seen in awhile (I don't watch many movies at all, I was forced into watching "Barbershop" which is what this movie is standing against). I won't review it though as that's not my forte.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

"Will Bobby get a sex change?" poll results

  • This Year - 12.50%
  • 2-5 Years - 12.50%
  • 6-10 Years - Nil
  • 11-20 Years - Nil
  • Never - 31.25%
  • Bobby's a guy? - 43.75%

Yes, I am a guy. Here are some of the comments:

Bobby's tall and skinny so he should have a huge penis. Thus, he'll most likely not get the sex change and take up a career in porn where he ravages girls while remaining extremely uninterested in the whole process.
Now that was pleasant, Rony.

I think Bobby will get a sex change around the same time Denis gets sent to prison. It will be a direct race to see who will be the first to lose their anal virginity.
Cheers, Calumn.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

I took more pictures of abandoned stuff.


I was in Huntersville today, I have no earthly idea why, and took some pictures of an abandoned motel on Statesville Road (opens to my Flickr map). I would have taken more but I heard people moving around in there and I'm skinny so I wasn't about to take my chances.

I can't tell you WHY I like abandoned stuff because I don't know that answer to that myself. I guess it's just one of my weird idiosyncrasies.

I also went to Alexandriana (it means "defender of man", for the zero people who care), the place where Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence was allegedly signed. Kind of interesting, there is no proof it was an actual document, but as a native Mecklenburger I feel it my duty to say there is no proof that it wasn't an actual document.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

"Why the hell do you support Ōmiya Ardija?"

Because I should. I support Ōmiya because their fans, however small in number, remain unflinchingly loyal on a highly romantic level. Despite the glitz, glamor, fame, and fortune of cross-town rivals Urawa Reds, Omiya fans remain fiercely loyal to their beloved Squirrels.

I immediately feel in love with Ardija (a play on the Spanish word 'ardilla', meaning 'Squirrel') when I started following the J. League in late 2004. Upon researching the teams I found the incredibly passionate support of the giant Red Diamonds (named for Mitsubishi motor company, Urawa's original parent company) to be strikingly attractive, but I found the ardent loyalty and passion behind the much smaller Ōmiya to be incredibly intriguing. The nickname is obviously not intended to strike fear in the hearts of their opponents, but to symbolize harmony with the team's hometown of Ōmiya-ku (formerly Ōmiya City before being merged with Urawa and Yono to become Saitama City.) whose symbol is the Squirrel - All of this is explained in great detail by Furtho in his beautifully written three-part series, "Love, Revolution and Architecture: a Year in the Life of the Squirrel Nation", at Pitch Invasion. - Upon seeing how much Omiya fans loved their tiny yet scrappy club I had to become an Omiya fan.

I don't know why I posted this, heh.