Thursday, March 13, 2008

Not fun...

Saw someone I was hoping I'd never see again today. My ex, the one who psychologically tortured me and when it was over I was left depressed and hopeless.

I won't really get in to all she did other than if psychological assault were a crime she'd be jailed for life. From yelling at me, randomly hitting me and constantly reminding me that I was a failure that would never do any better than her so I was better off just sucking it up and accepting it. Thankfully a friend of mine noticed what she was doing and pulled me out of it. I used to cry myself to sleep until I met and started dreaming of someone. Heh, pretty obvious who that is. *Bobby blushes* Even if I never have a chance with her, the simple idea of her has been enough to pull me out of the hell I was in. At least I feel human again.

I was playing with a soccer ball in my backyard today and my hip flared up again, that's just lovely. I hope it's just a knock and nothing is seriously wrong with it because I'm uninsurable and that would suck pretty hard.

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