Friday, April 25, 2008

Arbor Day...what should I do?

I planted two trees on Tuesday, I don't guess planting another one would hurt, I do have an open spot in my backyard. Tomorrow it's supposed to be 81° F (22° C) and clear tomorrow, so the weather will be good for it, I guess I will.

I ran today for the first time in a week, it was the first day I've had any energy since my kidney stone issues started. So, I guess I'm pretty well recovered. I do have a sore throat from allergies though, but I have some Tazo African Red Bush Tea that Jane sent me, it's really good and works quite well. She also sent me a picture she drew me (that I use as my Twitter icon) back in December, it's an inside joke between us, but I was touched that she sent it to me, it made me smile. :) (It was sent awhile ago but I figured I should blog about it, maybe I'm simple, but since it came from her it was amazing to me.)

Heh, I think I get more scared of tornadoes in Texas than Jane does! I think I have a strong enough heart to get through their tornado season, maybe :O

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