Thursday, April 3, 2008

Limping around, and a lot of people hate me

I hurt my knee last week, I'm still limping. It's just red now, it was blue with speckles of dried blood in it until Tuesday, that was weird. The worst part is that it's over the bone rather than a muscle so there was nothing to absorb the impact. But oh well, that's life I guess and complaining won't make it any better.

It's also kind of funny how many people automatically hate me. Heightism maybe? That'd explain the random people who hate me in person but not the ones who hate me online, heh. It's as much an obsession as love though.

I don't know why I feel they need to write about it, but Jerry Reese...Charlotte cannot support a Major League Baseball team. We don't even support our NFL team unless they're winning. Get over it and stop blocking the Knights from getting a stadium. People want the stadium because they can take the entire family out to a game and not have to mortgage the house in the process. No, the International League doesn't have the glamor of the Major Leagues, no one ever claimed it did, but it's a better deal for Charlotte in the long run.

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