Sunday, May 25, 2008

"Bobby, you're wasting your vote."

Am I? Well, everyone says I am. Half want me to vote for McCain (yea, that's happening) and half want me to vote for Obama (he's ok, but I want more). So following the departure of the one major candidate I had chosen to support (Fmr. Sen. John Edwards) I've decided to vote for Kat Swift (G-TX) :).

Upon hearing this I was met with a ton of derision, the whole "It's people like you who ruin this country" line of bull. Doesn't the constitution allow me to vote for whomever I want? Technically Cookie Monster is of age to run for the office of President and I could vote for him if I wanted to (and I did vote for him as a County Commissioner once), plus Kat is cool!

She's a lot like me, a lot. So, go Kat go :)

Oh, and watch Jane's vlogs. She'll disagree with the rest of this post, but she's still totally lovable.

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