Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Game Boy is 20

Well, it turned twenty yesterday but that was Earth Day so I didn't realize it.

I didn't get a Game Boy until 1995 when the Play It Loud models were released, I got a red one for Christmas and it's still in working order today. Nintendium is crazy tough.

The Game Boy is easily the best handheld ever released. It paved the way for the handhelds of the future and outlasted many of them because of it's simplicity. Rather than trying to blow you away the Game Boy simply played it's games and did so with reasonable battery life unlike it's competitors (battery issues killed Sega's Game Gear).

I'm not much of a geek so I can't sit here and discuss technical aspects, so I'll just link the Cnet article.

I do love my Game Boy though.

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