Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm a forgiving person.

Just because I don't like Michael Vick doesn't make me a cold hearted, unforgiving racist. It doesn't mean I value the life of an animal above that of a human being (I have no idea where this peach of an argument came from). It means I don't like Michael Vick because he is a Class-A wanker.

Yeah, yeah. "He's done his time and he deserves a second chance", he already had a second chance, and a third chance, what makes you think he's going to do any better with his fourth chance? I'm sorry, but I don't believe he will. He was supposed to change after the Ron Mexico incident, but then he just decided he'd flip off the fans who paid that multi-million dollar contract he blew so he could maim and murder animals for his pleasure. Yes, his pleasure. What he did is akin to masturbating to bestiality, and don't say it isn't. It is at best extremely perverse and horrifyingly demonic. And no, I don't buy the "he grew up in a rough area" line of BS, because I grew up in a rough area and I'm not one who derives pleasure from the suffering of the weak, which is what Michael Vick did. Domestic dogs aren't majestic, powerful creatures. They're fully dependent upon humans for survival. These aren't lions, these aren't bears, these aren't even moose. These are animals we have bred specifically to serve us, and as such we bare a certain burden of responsibility to them, because without them there is no us. Dogs were essential to human evolution and prosperity.

Do you believe in Hell? Because I do, and trust me, there is a special place in Hell for people who mistreat the weak, be they humans or animals.

This is the part where someone will bring up the fact that Leonard Little is still playing. The Little card is one that Vickistas love to hold in their deck, and I'll answer that by saying this: Fuck Leonard Little. He shouldn't be playing either. Little should be serving a long stint in jail, full stop. So should Lee Hughes. Anyone who gets behind a wheel drunk and takes a life deserves to be in prison. Everyone has a sober friend, and if you don't, the city provides you with an option. It's called a damn bus, the tax on those drinks you had helps pay for it.

It's also been stated that the Eagles signed Vick "sight unseen", and that Roger Goodell made a case for him to be signed. Yea, the case that he sells jerseys. What if a punter got caught doing this stuff? Yea.

If you believe he'll change this time, well, I guess you have a warmer heart than I do. I do believe in second chances, I do believe in third chances, but you have to earn your fourth chance. Spending time in prison isn't something Vick wanted to do, it's something he had to do. It doesn't count as earning anything in my eyes. If Michael gets out and preaches, genuinely and from his heart against these sort of actions, that will go a long way toward earning people's forgiveness.

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