Monday, August 31, 2009

What does Samus Aran have to do with Chris Brown?

A lot, apparently.

For some reason Chris Brown's worthless ass has been in the news again today, so much so that you would indeed believe that the last metroid is in captivity, and yes, the galaxy is very much at peace.

But it isn't.

Chris Brown's apology, like Michael Vick's before it, is just words. Until I see Chris Brown helping out battered women of his own volition and on his own dime, I won't believe he's truly sorry for beating Rihanna. It's a bit like when George Bush came on television and said he was sorry for the Iraq war, how many of the current Chris Brown apologists told everyone to back-off of George Bush? The answer is not many.

Now where does Samus Aran, the chief protagonist of Nintendo's "Metroid" series, fit into this discussion? Well, Samus is a female. To some, Samus is a proper -- don't get me started on the Supergirl crap -- female version of Superman. Samus doesn't conform to anything, she does everything. She's hyper-capable and self-respecting. The polar opposite of female Chris Brown apologists.

Like George Bush's war, what Chris Brown did is not okay. You only hate George Bush because you think you're supposed to, in fact, war aside, I bet most Chris Brownistas can't name one Bush policy, and I'm the most anti-Bush person you'll find (see my political compass). We will not stop talking about what he did, domestic violence is a serious issue that needs to be openly discussed at every opportunity, too many men get away with it because they use fear to keep women from speaking out about it -- a tactic attempted by Chris Brown himself.

So no, we won't "drop it".

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