Friday, November 13, 2009

Did Google just powerbomb AT&T?

Today Google announced that it has purchased VOIP provider Gizmo5, which is similar to Skype except it's open-source. This could potentially position Google to offer phone service for next-to-nothing, and this should probably scare the likes of AT&T.

As everyone knows, as the internet goes, Google is a juggernaut and it can pretty much take whatever it wants. This is worrying to some people, but for the most part Google has been a good giant. AT&T on the other hand is one of the most arrogant corporations in the history of mankind, in the phone world AT&T could pretty much take whatever it wanted -- until the Droid, anyway -- and did, pretty much every chance it got. It's the only option for land-based phone service in some areas, and is very protective of it's territory.

Recently AT&T and Google have been in a pretty bitter war-of-words as to whether or not Google -- through Google Voice -- should be considered a "common carrier" of phone service, and thus subject to regulations. Google says it isn't, but that might change with the acquisition of Gizmo5. The two are also locking horns over the hot-button issue of Net Neutrality -- Google is possibly the issue's greatest champion. Needless to say, they don't care for each other, and it appears that AT&T's baboon-esque approach to the battle -- you know when baboons throw their own feces in a fit of rage, that's what AT&T was like recently -- may have seen the telecom giant poke the wrong bear, and it may well be about to get bit.

As longtime VOIP consultant Andy Abramson puts it, "If AT&T is Coca-Cola, Google is now 7-Up."

Meanwhile, AT&T is fighting another battle against one of it's own kind. Ma Bell 2.0 is furious at Verizon over their "there's a map for that" ad. AT&T says they have Edge (2.5g) coverage for places on the map that Verizon leaves blank. Of course, that's because it's a map of 3.0 coverage and it's kind of like saying you have an ATV for places your rival has a Jeep Wrangler. Yea, it works, but really?

But what's next for Google? I don't think they'll be slowing down soon. Maybe a partnership with Nintendo since Microsoft is keen to go head-to-head with Google? That'd be way too good.

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jose_santana said...

Hehe, "7-up".
Death to AT&T and long live the Shrooms!!! :D